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We welcome you to our company website for Innoflex Printed Circuit Boards Ltd.

Innoflex At a Glance :

Innoflex PCBs is one of the leading suppliers to Printed Circuit Boards to many countries such as US, India and several countries in Europe. We are well positioned in the market for Rigid PCBs (upto 32 layers), HDI PCBs, PCBs with Blind and Buried Vias, Impedance Controlled PCBs, Rigid Flex PCBs, Flex PCBs and other special Purpose PCBs.

Our PCBs are running successfully in Defence, Aerospace, Telecom, Medical and other Industrial Sectors.

We offer prototype and volume production.


Innoflex Presence :

Innoflex has entered into a partnership with some of the best PCB manufacturing plants in mainland China and Taiwan to supply you with the highest quality Printed Circuit Boards. Based on your requirement the PCBs are carefully crafted to maximize performance and minimize cost and delivery time.

Innoflex has a 40 people Design centre in India for PCB Design.

With this design and manufacturing structure our mission is to provide each customer, irrespective of size, the best quality PCBs.


Innoflex Mission :

To provide the customer with the Best Quality Printed Circuit Boards manufactured in the Best PCB factories of Asia.

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